Non-surgical periodontal treatment – per chip

Non-surgical periodontal treatment – per chip

This is a non-surgical treatment which is used in treatment of gum disease.


PerioChip was released by Dexcel Pharma into the UK in 2000.  The concept behind the product is to have a non-antibiotic adjunct to be used alongside root surface debridement for medium to severe periodontal disease to kill bacteria over a sustained period.  PerioChip is the only guaranteed local delivery system that is proven to kill bacteria for 7 to 10 days in the periodontal pocket. 

Unlike most gels and all mouthwashes that are available on the market, PerioChip is specifically designed to fight the bacteria that cause the onset of periodontal disease.  PerioChip has 36% Chlorhexidine and kills 99% of pathogenic bacteria in the periodontal pocket. Used alongside RSD, PerioChip helps to minimise tooth loss.

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